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May 20, 2003
I recently had a gyn appointment and had a pap, rectal exam. The results are not back from the pap yet. I hadn't had a pap for six years and have had several problems which made me make the appointment. I don't care much for DR's.
I started having spotting between periods last September. Other things started occurring also. Sharp pain on my right side, on occassion, general overall pelvic pain, pain around ovaries when pressed, painful intercourse, just recently spotting the day after, gas and bloating and nausea. I also have this odd 99.6 fever along with fatigue popping up every now and then. I have also had weakness and pain in my legs. I also noticed the spotting occurs if I "push" like when I have a difficult bowel movement. I researched this and many of these symptoms are similar to ovarian cancer. I also have a birth mother who had ovarian cancer. Anyway, I told all of this to the nurse practitioner. She told me I was a "little" perimenopausal and prescribed birth control to regulate things. Told me she would see me in three months!!!! Shouldn't some other kind of exams be done before three months with everything that is going on? Am I over-reacting? I am looking for a gyn/onc to make an appointment with. Any suggestions?
Re: Spotting
May 20, 2003
Renee, Thank you for replying. I thought she should have done more too, but thought maybe I was over reacting. She did ask me if I needed something for the pain and I told her no. I always have a dull pain present. The sharp pain comes in spurts. It used to occur about every couple of months. Now it is more frequent. When it occurs I have to stay still and CANNOT move. I told her that. She told me it might be my appendix. I also told her last year I went to my family doc because it would not go away(same pain) and she sent me to the hospital for a test to see if it was appendicitis-which came back negative. The pain subsided in the evening, once again, so I passed it off as just a little "quirk". I KNOW something is wrong. Maybe it is cysts. I would have thought she would have done an ultrasound first instead of "birth control" just to stop the spotting which isn't normal "period" spotting at all!!! I am not taking the birth control. That isn't going to make the other things go away. I don't believe any of it is "perimenopausal".
Sorry, I just have to vent. I appreciate the input. Sometimes doctors make you feel like you are imagining things and there is not anything to worry about. Quite frankly, I am scared!!!!

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