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Hi everyone,

i'm new to this board, but have read alot of the posts and think this is so helpful!

I was told yesterday that my cervical biopsies (which was very painful for me personally, although it seems like it isn't for some) came back with CIN III (2 of them), CIN II (2 of them), and CIN I (1 of them) and my dr. recommended a LEEP to be done. He said we could do it in the office with a local anesthesia or in the hospital with a general--i opted for a general since i had already experienced such pain with the biopsies. So now, i have a whole bunch of questions that i thought people that have been through this could help me out with:

1. How does the whole procedure work in the hospital--are you out before they start anything, and do you need breathing apparatus since it is such a short procedure?

2. Should someone be at the hospital with me during the procedure and the recovery (I've only lived in nyc for a short time and have no family here and boyfriend would have to take off of work, should he?) Can anyone even come in the recovery room?

3. I've read on the board that too much walking after isn't good? How much is too much (i have about a 20 minute brisk walk to the subway and from the subway everyday to work)? How long should activity be avoided?

4. Why are blood tests taken for the pre-op?

5. Are you still out of it from the general anesthesia when you leave the recovery room?

6. Can i work the next day after general anesthesia and leep (sit down job, behind computer all day)?

7. Are you given pain medication after the procedure? Do you need it?

I know I asked alot of questions and everyone has different experiences, but i am pretty nervous (without family and close friends nearby for support) so any info from you guys would be really helpful.

thank you so much!

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