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Yes, I felt totally fine the next day, and today too, 2 days later. It is weird because I kept expecting it to start hurting. But I have not had any bleeding or any pain or cramping. This might not be how it goes for everyone, but I had a lot taken out, and I feel totally fine. My doctor said I should have no trouble getting pregnant, is there anyone out there who is trying? How long did you wait after the LEEP.

I had my LEEP on Monday and it wasn't NEARLY as bad as I thought it was going to be either! I am such a wimp, so they actually put me out for the procedure (they gave me IV sedation) was great! lol
I thought the heeling would be horrible, too...but now i have my period (I was due the next day, and I started 2 days after...Wed) so it is hard to tell how long the bleeding is going to be...I thought my period was going to be really heavy, but it isn't. It might even be a lighter than normal. Hard to tell because I usually wear tampons and I can't right now.
I did have some cramping, but again, that might be because of my period. I am also having this weird "pain" (it's not bad) but I swear it feels like my cervix is sore. Has anyone experienced this? I am going for my check up Friday so I'll ask my Dr. then.
As for trying to have children, that was my main concern, too! (Which is why my Dr did it before our wedding...6 weeks to go!!!) My Dr said she would recommend 2-3 months after a LEEP to begin trying to make sure your cervix is totally heeled and strong.
Well, I hope this message wasn't too long or confusing!!!
But, as for the LEEP, it really wasn't bad at all :)

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