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I know that posting URL's is verboten here, which makes it frustrating to share this information with you all. I recently came across a website that suggests that the birth control pill may have something to do with cervical cancer, as well as abnormal paps. I personally think this is definitely the case in some women, myself included. I was on the pill for a few years and it caused a lot of serious complications from estrogen defeciency (another possibile cause of abnormal cellular changes on the cervix, I've heard) to calcium deficency which left me with osteopenia at age 25, to mineral depletions and so on. My pap came back with LGSIL at the end of February 2003 and I had a colpo done in March, which showed only LGSIL and nothing more. This happened at the same time I found out I had osteopenia and estrogen deficiency, too. I asked my gyno if the pill could have been related to the abnormal pap and he was vague about answering that question.

However, someone in one of my thyroid groups passed along a link to a news site that published the results of a recent study that suggests that the pill could be the culprit, or at least a significant part of the problem, for women who develop cervical cancer. The research still wants to pin part of the blame on the woman for being on the pill and therefore having a more carless sex life, exposing herself to HPV more recklessly, but how can you explain women who have been monogomous for dozens of years suddenly having dysplasia showing up in their paps?

Do a google search on "cervical cancer and the birth control pill" and you'll find some interesting links out there. What does everyone think about the possibility of this being true?

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