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Cin Iii/leep
Feb 5, 2005
The first of December I went to my PCP for my annual Pap which was 5 months late-oops :nono: . A week after the nurse called me and said I need to go to a GYN because the results of the PAP (thin prep system) showed signs os CIN II. (I always gone to my PCP instead of a gyn since I don't have kids and don't plan on having any. I am 30. She told the GYN would do a colposcopy. Well, I went in he did the colposcopy and said I had 2 areas that needed to be biopsyed. When he take the first one I thought I was going to die. I had 2 xanax and motrin before the appt, but that was the most painful thing in the world. The people in the waiting room heard me scream. He decieded not to do the second one because of the pain. I went back to him 2 times the next week for pain (he thinks I got a mild infection from the biopsy). The second time I went back he told me he had the results. He started off by saying the reason I was in so much pain was because he took a larger biopsy than normal and the reason he did so was he thought it might be cancer. It isn't it is one stage before cancer CIN III-Sevre Dysplasia-High-Grade squamous intraepithelial lesions. He said he wanted to do the Leep produre on me. He informed me he would do it at an OUTPT surgery center and use what is called conscious sedation (normally versaid is used). This I might stay awake but most likely from the IV drugs will fall asleep. He also prescribed valium. Something in valium actually relaxes the cervix and helps with cramping. I went from prefect PAPS to CIN III in 1year and 5 months. I know alot of the people on the board are worried about having to many prosedures. If you have mild dysplasia laser spot treatments are less invasive. But, if you have sevre dysplasia I would say do what your Doc says. CIN III normally turns into cancer within 1-3yrs. I have the procedure on Feb 22. He told me to take the week off from work to heal. Anyone who has dealt with this severe of dysplasia your advice would be great. :confused: :rolleyes:

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