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I had an abnormal pap (1st one ever and I'm 32) this past Feb. I then had a colposcopy and biospy done. I have the HPV virus. The doc said it was very mild dysplasia and that we should wait another 3 months to see if the problem corrects itself.

Well, I just had the second colposcopy/biospy done. The initial pap showed positive for the HPV virus, but the tissue sample came back free of the HPV virus. The doc wanted to run some more tests to see the grade of the virus, but the lab came back and said that there wasn't enough quantity of tissue to do further testing.

Anyway... now I have to make the choice to wait another 3 months and repeat the colposcopy and biospy OR go ahead with the chemical burn or LEEP procedure now.

I honestly feel that if the doctor can still see the lesions there, then I still have dysplasia. So, why should I wait and spend more money on another colpscopy/biopsy when the end result will most likely be that I have to have the LEEP procedure done anyway.

I'm coming up on a very busy, stressful time at work and it will continue that way until the end of October. I'm torn on what to do.

Any thoughts?


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