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I had a colposcopy done two months ago that showed CIN 111 and CIS. This past week I had a leep cone biopsy done. At first, I was OK. Then two days after the procedure I started hemorhagging...has this happened to anyone. It was really scary! I had to go back under general anesthesia and have some stiches put in. I bled for 8 hours before the getting back into the OR. I'm still waiting for my biopsy results.
It was so nice to find this web site. I had a colposcopy about two months ago. It showed CIN 111, CIS. That part was not painful, the leep cone I had this past week was a bit more uncomfortable. Two days afterwards I started hemorraging...this was scary! I was blleding for about 8 hours before they had me back in the OR. Has anyone out there gone through this? I"m also waiting for my biopsy results to come back so hopefully eveything is OK.
I have enjoyed reading everyone's experiences about their Leep procedure. I had mine done almost 2 weeks ago. It was done in the office with just a local. I had minimal cramping for a few days, but nothing bad. I am still having bleeding that is bright red. Hopefuly that will let up soon. My pap originally came back with CIN I, but when I had the colposcopy biopsy done, it actually came back with CIN III. My Leep results came back with CIN I with clear margins on one biopsy and CIN III with positive margins on the other biopsy. My doctor told me he was cautiously optimistic that we got it all even though my margins were positive. He said with a Leep procedure, alot of times the margins will come back positive because the tissue speciman has been burnt along the edges and the healing process takes care of things. Has anyone had experience with this? Has anyone had positive margins on a biopsy result and a clean Pap Smear and colposcopy at the next check up? Just curious. I think he will be relatively aggressive if my Pap and colpo came back again with CIN III. I'm done having children so the idea of a hysterectomy is not devastating, but I'd rather have it all taken care of with the Leep.

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