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I see there are some new posts with some questions, and although I think you should talk to your doctor too, I can tell you what my doctor told me about my procedure.
First off my doctor told me I will still be able to have children after having the leep procedure done. It does not prevent you from being able to have kids - which was great news :)
Second off, if they gave you something to calm your nerves before the test, you should be fine. I just took two extra strength tylenol before my test, and I did just fine. I honestly didn't feel anything, and it was no where near as bad as I thought it would be. They told me it would take a couple weeks to heal up after I had the procedure done, and scheduled an appointment for me to see my doc after the two weeks was up just to check everything out. I have been able to do everything I could before the leep, with the exception of no heavy lifting.
Hope I helped and good luck :)

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