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I am new to this whole arena. I have been reading and reading over this site ALL WEEKEND!
I went for my PAP about two weeks ago-abnormal
Colposcopy last week
Got my results of CINIII/Severe Dysplasia this past Friday. HOW SCARY! This site has kinda put my mind at ease though.

It's weird, I have had nothing but normal PAPs for 10 years now, and just had a baby 16 mos ago (also have a 7 yo)--and NOW BAM--already to Severe Dysplasia.......Talk about totally walking into the docs office NOT ready to hear that! I though he was going to tell me it was all a mistake, and I was fine.

Anyways, I'm waiting on my insurance to clear this GYN that my PCP has referred me to for the LEEP procedure. (My PCP is family practice/OB-and he's the one who did my PAP/colpo).

OK, sorry--now I'm rambling.

Well, I was so shocked that I had NO questions, and left like he had told me I just had a case of the flu or something. I stopped at Starbucks and got a Latte and took the long way to work. I didn't even call my husband or mother. It hit me when I got to work that I had a million questions floating through my head!!!!!

SO--I'll ask some of you ladies your experiences of what's been on my mind:

1. Can a LEEP be done with an IUD in place?
2. With CINIII, will the LEEP be a cone or regular biopsy-or could it be both?
3. What was your "recurrance" or dysplasia (if any) after getting the LEEP following a diagnosis of CINIII?

UUUGGG-those are the only ones I can think of right now! I know I have a million. Maybe I'll ask when I remember.

Sorry for sounding like a flake. I know this is serious, but not life threatening. I have prepared myself for the worse, and and have read so many positive outcomes from "survivors". BUT, like most of you have probably felt at one time, it seems like this is all I can think about, day and night! All the "what ifs" and "I'm probably the 1% that actually has cancer...." etc, etc, etc.

Anyways, thanks for taking the time to read my post and answer my questions!

Hi Liz and welcome!

I think I had CINII, but I can still answer a few of your questions. You can also search for CIN on the web and you will be able to find the criteria doctors use for determining which procedure to do. I think it also depends on what they have the most experience with.

I can not answer the question about the LEEP and the IUD. Isn't there a string hangin down? Maybe you can search for LEEP and IUD, but my guess would be that they might have to remove it for the LEEP. Are they that easy for a doc to remove? I would think there would be fear of spreading infections between the vagina, cervix and uterus by way of the string. Hmm. If there is no string, I may sound like a Looney Toon.

If you had AGCUS or if you had a positive ECC, you might have a cone. Otherwise, I think it is usually a regular LEEP for CIN II and CIN III. They usually do the cone if they have some evidence that it has gone into the cervical canal. The tissue sample is kind of cone shaped and I have seen the LEEP referred to as a cone all over the web, but your doc would probably say cold cone if it wasn't a LEEP. If you are scheduled for a LEEP, that is probably what you will have.

I had CIN II and the margins of the LEEP were clear, but my follow-up was abnormal. I had another follow-up and don't have the results yet. I contracted HPV just over a year ago and my immune system has been somewhat compromised but other health issues, so I guess it still hasn't taken control of it. I honestly believe that most women must end up normal because there was a huge crowd here back in May and none of them came back (that long post is worth reading). That makes me think that they have overcome this and the obsession with their cervical health has subsided.

It's a good idea to keep posting your questions here because then you will have them gathered to take to your appointment.

Do you really have to have a referral for gyn visits? I am allowed to see any gyn anytime and I think most of the insurnce companies I have been on have been that way. That made it easier for me to switch. I'm sorry it has to be someone your doc chose for you and a new person. Sometimes it feels like Grand Central Station down there, even though I am single and celebate.

I went through a similar process as you. I had been abnormal in the past and went through the whole colpo thing and it turned out to be nothing. This time, I didn't expect anything to coem of it and I ended up at CIN II less than a year after I was exposed to HPV. I think pregnancy adn brith can accelerate the changes in your cervix. I am so happy you had your baby first!

This is my one recommendation to every woman here - even thouh I am not healthy enough to really follow through myself - get out in the world and do something to take your mind off of things. Maybe you can do something extra special with your kids - take them to an attraction they wanted to see, go away and get a room where they can swim all day, even take them to the park a few extra times. Do whatever you can to relieve a little stress so that your body can help your through this!

And, keep asking questions and then call or take them to your doc.


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