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Re: My ovaries..
Oct 5, 2003
Hi. Thankyou for these replies. I have been thinking of writing (not on this subject board) about things to do with bladder issues.
I just got back from a term break. I went home and noticed just how often I need to empty my bladder! It wasn't like this all the time. About 2 weeks ago I woudl need to go only 3-4 times per day. Over the past week I have been needing to go at least 6-8 times. I go just before going to sleep and then when i wake up in the morning I am busting to go. But it isn't just a feeling of needing to go. It is a need. It is like my bladder is over full each time with the amount there is.
One time I can remember seeing a doctor and I told her that it seems like if I even remotely feel the need to urinate my pelvic area feels under pressure and hurts more than usual. Her answer was to try going to the toilet as soon as I feel the need and see if that might help!

-CuteSouthernGrl - I definately feel pain when I cough (not always.. I have been feeling ok lately).
I think you should see a doctor, but I honestly don't think you will get any least not the first visit. You will probably have to really push your point. And I know, like someone else mentioned, taking in notes, etc definately does help. They take you more seriously. I don't think you have cancer. If you are taking a high-dose BC pill it woudl cause that breast tenderness. I had to chnage pills once mainly because of breast tenderness. It was ALL THE TIME... just like the nausea. If you still have this problem I would talk about going on a low-dose pill, such as Alesse.

-April & Serenity- Until I read this I thought how my syptoms have been gone lately, but that is just my period-related ones it seems. :) I am afraid I am going to have my period soon. I have been taking the pills without a period since I posted here. I bet it will arrive right in the middle of my exams like last time.. and stress doesn't seem to help!
I have had huge problems with bowel-related issues lately (now that I actually think about it). 6 months ago I was fine. Now I have a lot of bloating and gas. I hate it as it is extremely uncomfortable in public. i have read about IBS and tried restricting certain foods but it doens't help. Unfortunately I think it could be either bread or milk causing it and I can't go without these for more than a few days. Or otherwise it could just be cause by stress. Some things are a little personal/embarrassing to discuss, but this is a health board, so... I'm not sure what to call it... emptying my bowels... the frequency has increased quite a bit lately.
April, I guess endo would be picked up in the laparsocopy. It coudl explain your problems. I don't think bleeding after intercourse could be normal though. Good luck with finding and answers though.

Serenityelf - I read about IC and some symptoms fit, however it is very rare. I would be about the only Australian living with it if I was to have it! Or do you think actual diagnosis is quite rare?
I do not like the idea of how they diagnose IC.
On one site I found they mentioned one theory that IC is an autoimmune response to a bladder infection.
About 18 months ago I had my first UTI. I was only just at university for the first time and wasn't sure of who to ask what coudl be wrong with me. I hadn't heard about UTIs before. They pain got to be unbearable. I called the doctor and the earliest appointment was days away so I just thought that whatever was wrong would soon go away. It got worse and worse, of course. I woudl cry. I couldn't sleep for the pain. I eventually had blood in my urine, chills, a temperature. It was very scary and I was stupid not to get any help sooner. I got to a doctor about 7 days of having these noticable symtpoms. The day after I got a phonecall to pick up a prescription. I looked up what the medication was to treat and found out that I had a UTI. No one knows just how long I had this infection expect me. I have had the pain and burning inside plenty of times since then and also the lower back pain, but after going to the ER or doctor and finding out there wasn't anything wrong I now just ignore it.
The first time I got what i thought was another UTI the pain just seemed to start straight away. It was like (or maybe worse than) the pain I had after suffering the UTI for several days. But it was nothing.

What do you think? Could I have caused permanent damage to my bladder by not getting treatment straight away?

Also, one symptom was frequent urination. Does this usually mean frequent but in small amounts? I seem to be needing to go very often but it seems like my bladder is completely full each time.

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