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My ovaries..
Aug 7, 2003
Hi. I am just writing on this board out of curiosity.
This may be a long post.
For the past 10-12 months I have had pains in my ovaries (90% of the time only the right ovary) at any time of the month.
I ignored it for a while. I did see doctors, but when they told me to go away and try to ignore it I did.
After a few months it got to be too much. Not the pain.. just the idea that there could be something serious wrong and I was not doing anything about it.
After going on birth control pills the pain got quite bad. My period pain was the worst, but other pains throughout the month was what worried me.
I saw several (3) doctors about it and after telling them the pain got worse after going on the pill they just commented on how 'usually' that helps with period pain. That was all.
The next doctor I saw I cried... a lot. I couldn't help it. That at least got me a referral to a specialist. He (the specialist.. gynaecologist) said it sounds like Endometriosis (based on symptoms: pain at all/any times of month, not having period pains all of my life and then all of a sidden, pain during/after intercourse, etc). I didn't have a Laparoscopy (this was in January/February) due to university, etc. I didn't have time.
He put me on a low-dose B.C. pill. This didn't help at all.
I would regulary get an extremely bloated feeling. But it wasn't normal gas pains. It felt like my pelvic area was under a lot of pressure. The pressure was on my ovaries. It hurt to bend or sit or anything other than stand still or lie down. Actually getting into the hotizonal position was difficult on a few occasions because of the extreme pain.
I saw another doctor (2-3 months later) and she said to take the pill continuously. I did this for 4.5 months, but then I got too much withdrawal bleeding so I took a 7-day break. The 4.5 months (or rather 3.5 months)was painless. But then after having that break it took another month for the pains to go away again.
For some reason I decided to allow myself another period this month,(after 6 weeks of continual pill taking). The period pain was VERY bad but only for the first 24 hours. Now, a week since my period started, I have this horrible pressure feeling in my pelvic area. The bleeding has stopped.
I thought I had a UTI yesterday morning so saw a doctor. I had a fever, pain after urination and sore back. They done tests and found no infection present. After this is when the ovarian pain and pressure started... about 36 hours ago. It is fairly constant but bearable. It hurts to bend over and is worse when my bladder is at all full, I think. My bladder never feels full though. I don't know. I try to urinate as soon as needed to prevent UTI's.
I had a pelvic ultrasound about 2 months ago, which was clear. I had a Pap smear about 4 months ago that was fine. I haven't got any STD's, etc.
I am 19, female (obviously), and would just like to know whether anyone has read or experienced this pressure on their pelvic region? It hurts to press down on it. I can't think of anything else to write.

Thanks anyone with any information.

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