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Hi all,

Have not posted in awhile. I had a leep about 3.5 months ago. I went in for me follow up PAP last Friday Oct 2. I was wondering what the recurrance rate was after a LEEP? Were most PAP's coming back normal? I had moderate dysplasia. Prior to the dysplasia I always had normal PAP's. I am beginning to worry as they said at the doctor the success rate was 70-85%. Which didn't sound all that great to me..

Please help!

My doc said leep was 90% effective. I too had moderate dysplasia and had leep last year.I had another abnormal pap but I have hpv. I am going today to have colposcopy and biopsy.
birdie74-please, please, keep in mind your immune system/ sleeping habits/ diet has a major role in this whole "thing".

I hope you have the time to pamper yourself :). Take some time for some R%R.

I'm sorry you find yourself in this stressfull period, but , do rest assure, they say if you keep up with your doc's app. and avoid stressful situations, eat well, sleep well, you can bump that 70-85% to almost 95% leep procedure successfull.

I ain't no doctor, I just believe 100% in my own research.

I hope this finds you well.
Please keep us up to date.
She posted that 2 years ago... I wonder what is going on now... It would be interesting to hear from someone that went through this that long ago and to see what has happened since then.
After my first laser treatment to remove abnormal cells, it took 4 years for them to return. I have just had a leep carried out earlier this year.

Other than this problem, I am a 29 year old healthy female who does not smoke at all or drink much alcohol. I have had the same partner since my last treatment so I guess I was just unlucky.
:) [QUOTE=JDP]My doctor told me the LEEP is 90% effective in getting rid of the dysplasia. I still have a lot of questions about this though and I am going to a new doc next week. I don't understand how it can cure dysplasia at all if my husband most likely has HPV. How do I not get it again from my husband!?[/QUOTE]
If you've been tested for HPV and came out positive then you will probably always have it in your system even if there are no symptoms, etc.. In rare cases it goes away on it's own and some people will then test negative for it.
Some types HPV causes genital warts (not all types of HPV though- just a few) and even if you have the warts removed, you still have HPV (unless it goes away in time).
A friend of mine caught HPV from her boyfriend which later turned into genital warts and she had to have them removed a few times. He assumed since he had them removed, that he was free of his HPV so, he never mentioned it to her and she had no idea till one day she noticed the warts.
Dysplasia results from HPV in most cases. Which is the break down of the normal cell structure (A-typia aka: A-typical cells) which can then lead to cancer. So, from my understanding, HPV stays (unless it heals on it's own because there is no cure and no way to get rid of it), then later HPV may or may not cause the Dysplasia and from there, Atypical cells, which may or may not turn into cancer.
So, you can't catch dysplasia from your husband. You get HPV from him... and then HPV later can cause the dysplasia which is then why you would need a LEEP, etc., to get rid of the Atypical cells so, they don't turn into cancer. Very early cancer cells can also be removed with this procedure which is where the 75% to 90% success rate comes in and extra paps must be done each year after to be sure it doesn't come back. If you go for 5 years without a return of the cancer cells, then you are considered cancer free (or at least that's what the cancer specialists told my Mom when she went through this).
Does your husband know that HPV can also, cause a rare form of penile (sp?) cancer (cancer on the penis)? So, it would be good for him to get checked every now and then too even though it's a rare type of cancer. You can find more info about all of this by doing a search on the net.
Take care,
I'm 23. I had Laser in August '05 for extensive severe dysplasia (not sure what stage, can't remember but it was very urgent) and I am very worried that it will return (first pap since was today, fingers crossed)...My worry is that after so many of these procedures, that I willno longer be able to have children/my cervix will not be able to do it's job during pregnancy. I have not yet discussed this with my oncologist b/c I will wait for a recurrance before jumping to conclusions about that. Also, I still paid over $1000 despite med insurance for the Laser procedure. I can't afford to do that every year or so!
I hate the colposcopy/biopsy, that hurt! The Laser procedure was nothing though, I was asleep.
I know that Laser does not cure HPV, it only gets rid of the cancerous cells on the cervix. HPV will likely be in our systems forever, unless there is a cure post-HPV contraction. HPV causes dysplasia so I imagine as long as we have HPV we will have recurring bouts of dysplasia, be it in one year or 10 years. I will continue to see my doc regularly to avoid cervical cancer, it's the best I can do! My doc told me to continue to have unprotected sex with my partner, I have and will continue to have HPV, it does not go away and Laser certainly doesn't get rid of that virus, so we aren't doing any harm in continuing to have unprotected sex since we already have.
Just some random input!
I just checked on the national cancer institute web site about cervical cancer and HPV.
It say's there's 100 different DNA types of HPV. Some types cause regular warts on the skin such as hands and you can't catch that type of warts from people, etc., but some DNA types of the HPV virus are sexually transmitted. They also, said that all of the HPV types that cause genital warts do not turn into cancer. There are "12" different HPV DNA types that can cause cancer.
There is a vaccine now that is still pretty new that can protect against HPV type 16 & 18. This only works if you already do not have HPV and from what I've read in other places there is still a chance that you can get HPV even with the vaccine but this is too new to know for sure. 16 & 18 are 2 of the types that are known to cause cancer.
I'm very excited to hear about the vaccine, at least for young women who haven't gotten it yet...but did you also hear about a religious conservative group that was trying to ban it? Because it was God's will... :confused: Ignorance is still in abundance!

I'm wondering and waiting for the cure to those of us who already have it...
That group is out if their mind!!!!!!!!!!!!! What about all the girls who are raped and contracted this disease? Rape is not the will of God nor is it Gods will that a girl/boy live with a disease due to some pervert rapist. Are they thinking of girls and boys who could be subjected to rape? ANY vaccine for the greater good/well being of human kind IS a blessing. If there was a vaccine for AIDS would they protest that too? Where does the ignorance end with the people?!
I hope nothing comes of their protest... This is just horrible.

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