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I'm 23. I had Laser in August '05 for extensive severe dysplasia (not sure what stage, can't remember but it was very urgent) and I am very worried that it will return (first pap since was today, fingers crossed)...My worry is that after so many of these procedures, that I willno longer be able to have children/my cervix will not be able to do it's job during pregnancy. I have not yet discussed this with my oncologist b/c I will wait for a recurrance before jumping to conclusions about that. Also, I still paid over $1000 despite med insurance for the Laser procedure. I can't afford to do that every year or so!
I hate the colposcopy/biopsy, that hurt! The Laser procedure was nothing though, I was asleep.
I know that Laser does not cure HPV, it only gets rid of the cancerous cells on the cervix. HPV will likely be in our systems forever, unless there is a cure post-HPV contraction. HPV causes dysplasia so I imagine as long as we have HPV we will have recurring bouts of dysplasia, be it in one year or 10 years. I will continue to see my doc regularly to avoid cervical cancer, it's the best I can do! My doc told me to continue to have unprotected sex with my partner, I have and will continue to have HPV, it does not go away and Laser certainly doesn't get rid of that virus, so we aren't doing any harm in continuing to have unprotected sex since we already have.
Just some random input!

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