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What a wonderful couple of days, thank God! I've been visiting with family on the phone a lot recently and really am enjoying myself. My grandmother and I spoke for two hours...laughing, reminiscing, etc. Then my Uncle Kevin and I stayed on the phone until 3 in the morning just cutting up and raising hell! It's good for him....ladies, we think we have problems (and we do), but he has got the Big C in such a terrible way. It started in his lungs, then moved to his stomach, then his spleen, and now his SPINE! The poor guy, my heart really goes out to him and what's amazing is his attitude. I don't know how he does it? He is handling this all so gracefully....please say a prayer for him, if anyone deserves some of our support it is him.

Girl, don't you worry another minute about that LEEP! You are doing the same thing as I did...I knew it couldn't be avoided, so I just told myself, "Hey, when it comes to unhealthy cells...better out than in!" So you'll go in, having taken plenty of advil or whatever your doc'll jump up on that table, cough when they give you the shots, and breathe in and out while they take 30 seconds to collect the sample. BOOM, you're done! 10 minutes start to finish....they have to set up and swab you, cauterize you after, and watch for minute to make sure the bleeding has stopped. You may have some cramps (I did), but they are bearable. You can do this and you can do it well! I had mine done a week ago Thursday and I feel bleeding, but I did have a watery discharge (still do) and was even leaking out what could only have been the results of the cauterizing...if ya get my meaning. Oh, and for a couple of days I experienced the strangest odor...but that is gone now. I am only telling you so that if you have the same thing you don't panic. So in summation, you may have some cramping, a watery discharge, you may or may not bleed a bit, you may see odd things in your discharge such as bits of the "mustard" like substance they use to help prevent bleeding and maybe even very dark streaks that could be anything the cauterizing heated up (blood, tissue). Not to worry. As for sex...I was very apprehensive after my colpo, but all went well. I imagine I will be a bit nervous having had the LEEP, but when the time finally gets here and provided I remember how to have sex we will just be careful like last time. Who could help being nervous about it after everything that has just been done? Plus the association between cervical problems and sex doesn't exactly inspire one's libido, eh? Just take your time, don't rush yourself, and you'll be fine.

Crickey...this is an epic post! are a HOOT! I just adore your humor! As for the doc gave me the exact same advice, but I was so freaked out in the beginning of all this that I went ahead and started cutting back. I haven't maimed any small children or animals yet, so I guess it's going pretty well! Tell me, are your clothes joined in a conspiracy with my dishes? I am experiencing a full head on assault in my kitchen this evening. I've been in the Napalm planes...oh wait, that would be Paniks kitchen at tea time! SNARK my colpo my doc said that I was clean as a whistle regarding the surface of my cervix. I asked her to run the test for HPV, but she said we were beyond that and that when a PAP comes back CINII and CINIII the HPV test takes a back seat to treating the dysplasia. I hope I explained that right..I understood her logic completely. Oh and thanks for the cheer on the smokes...that helps, it is a tough habit to beat! LOVE the 9 armed goddess comment...I think I met her once myself!

Ok, I swore I would never tell this story, but after the broken leg by kite flying story I have to share this one. I once had a broken elbow. How did that happen you ask? Well, my crazy friend was teasing her boyfriend about how he needed a spanking cuz of this, that and the other thing. She picked up a big piece of wood as if it were a paddle and told him she ought to give him a spanking. Well, in a lapse of judgment he bent over and dared her to give it her best shot. I was standing beside him with my hands on my hips when the misguided swing took flight...and landed on my elbow...SMACK! Full throttle baby! You can just imagine the doctor's face with me trying to explain how my elbow got broken during a curious spanking incident? Well, I could imagine it and wanted no part of it, so I told the doctor we were putting in lawn ornaments for Christmas and I was accidentally smacked on the elbow while pounding them into the ground. LOL Life is stranger than fiction, eh?

Oy, it's 3 in the morning AGAIN...I better go to bed! Nite all.
PS: Hope this posts this time, it kicked it back last night!!!

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