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Panik...I sure hope you get the job, I'll keep my fingers crossed. Sounds like your Doc is looking for a daughter in law and some grandkids, eh? How do you feel about that?

Yes I am very happy to not have cancer and I am a bit frazzled by the notion that I may not have understood how much trouble I was in.....YIKES. I'll get the full scoopage on the 29th. Just thank GOD it wasn't the Big C and whatever trouble I was in...I seem to be out! PRAISE JESUS!!!! ((((((snoopy dance)))))))

RMcrae: AGCUS (Atypical Glandular Cells of Undetermined Significance) Paps are rare. However, AGCUS Paps require prompt evaluation - highly worrisome for cancer
Note: only one letter difference between ASCUS and AGCUS, but big difference in terms of significance. This does NOT mean you have cancer, it means that your condition is more prone to becoming cancer if left untreated. So, it is wonderful that you are going to the doc all ready and having your LEEP soon. Good job sweetie, way to fight off the Big C!!!!

Gotta run....that's my Uncle Kevin calling!


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