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REZE!!!! Happy Birthday!!!! [img][/img] I hope you have a GREAT day! Save us some birthday cake. I'm glad you talked to your guy. He sounds exactly like mine...ostrich with his head in the sand and praying it will all blow over. Come to think of it, my guy's got legs like an ostrich too! Wow, flowers and poems and what wonderful is that!!? He sounds like an absolutely great guy who just doesn't know how to show his feelings to you. Like I said, maybe he just doesn't realize how serious this is and how terrified it makes you feel. He probably figures since you can conquer the laundry and keep the dishes from revolting that you can handle anything! My God, you're Commander Reze! Queen of the to leap tall dust bunnies in a single bound! I bet you have those flashy bracelets and a slinky costume just like Wonder Woman! What kind of art does your guy do? I like to muck around too with watercolors but mainly do pen & ink. I just got back into it after years of doing nothing and loved it but put it aside when all this dysplasia stuff started cause I just couldn't concentrate, Gonna have to get back into it. So he stripteases for you, huh? Do you think he could teach my guy?

Nik - Your so great. It's amazing what you have been / are going through and you manage to hold yourself together. I don't know if I could be half as strong as you. Watch that sounds like it's trying to disguise itself with red paint so you won't recognize it during a sneak attack! lol. I know exactly the pain you're talking about with the bleeding. I get these sharp cramps that take my breath away sometimes. The only thing I can figure is that the cervix is pushing hard to get everything out. You're story is not depressing to us. Believe makes me feel good to know there are other people out there going through the same thing as me and if I can make anyone feel even a teensy bit better then it makes my day. I love to hear from you...all the bad and the good. Corny as it sounds, you are my hero (okay everybody, quit gagging over the sickly sweetness of that comment cause it's TRUE!) You are so knowledgeable about all of this and you are so quick to jump in and grab someone who feels like they're drowning and totally lost. You always make them feel better and give them what they need to calm down. I used to watch for your posts like a hawk cause you really know what you're talking about and it's comforting to people to be able to find answers. Now we need to find answers for you! And I'm so proud that you successfully made tea!!!!! LOL This guy you were flirting with sounds'll have to keep us updated on how it goes! You sound like a whiz in the kitchen whipping up all that stuff. I work so many hours I can't remember the last time I actually spent a nice day puttering around the kitchen and mucking around with food. I know you went to the docs today and I really hope things went well and you got some answers on how to proceed. Enough is enough and you shouldn't have to be going through all this for such a long period of time. Please let us know how it went and how you're doing.

RMcRae...YIPPEE!!! I'm so glad that you're feeling better!! Sounds like some pretty good stuff they gave you to knock you out. Cows...HAHA!!!Take it really easy at work and NO LIFTING! Since you feel well enough to work, my advice about not lifting anything heavier than a bon bon can be upgraded to...hmmmmm...let's say nothing heavier than a cappucino or a cinnamon danish! I could write you a note for your boss if you like! But seriously, take it really easy. Keep coming on the board (I love everybody's posts...I look forward to them!) and please let us know what happens about the glands. I don't know anything about that type of dysplasia and I would like to know all I can about what I could possibly face. Knowledge is power. It feels so good knowing that you are finally doing something about all this, doesn't it? That's the way I felt when I finally went in for the laser. I felt like I was finally fighting back. How is the no smoking going? If you weren't able to manage it then think of it as a practice for your next try. Don't be discouraged.

Okay, gotta go scrape up a few crumbs for my dinner and tackle a few chores (joy) so I'll talk to you guys later!!

Willow :D

Beckie: You are so sweet, thank you! Looks like Panik did an excellent job, as usual, in answering your question about the coffee grinds and bleeding. I hardly bled at all post LEEP, but my 1st period afterwards was a very bright red....something about messing with the cervix...I remember my first period after the ECC was very bright too. Hmmmm, I guess we irritate the cervix in all of this and the bright blood and cramps are what happens. Ya would think that the cervix would be more grateful, we are after all helping it to become more healthy...and this is the thanks we get?! LOL *wink*

Small: Welcome aboard! I genuinely appreciate your insights on the boyfriend thing. I have to say that you are probably right. I hope your ECC results come in soon and that they are favorable....keep us posted!

After reading Panik's post it occurred to me that another nuance of this could be a degree of shame, embarrassment, or guilt. My guy tends to take responsibility for the world and his ex-wife did have cervical dysplasia, she had cryo I believe...I wonder if he thinks this is his fault??? OMG! I made it a point to tell him that if we do have HPV, there is no way to know who gave it to whom, when it was contracted (we have both been married before), etc... CRAZY! I don't want him to feel that way, but it would explain a lot! Hmmmmmmmm???

Panik: When this first came up with the abnormal PAP, I definitely obsessed on it. I was so scared and needed some reassurance and ofcourse exhausted the resources on the net learning about it all. Blah blah blah, that was me....babbling on and on trying to figure it all out. Once I had the LEEP I really calmed down me it seemed the worst was over once the LEEP was done. Thank Gawd cuz I was a real head case before that! Now, things are pretty much back to normal around here-- all though a nice picnic or something is very well deserved and it sounds romantic. Good suggestion Panik! Guess I just like to try to figure things out, I like to know the reasons and motivations for peoples behavior. Once I felt like I had the medical stuff under control, I had the time and energy to try to figure my boyfriend out. I may never get to know why his brain went into neutral, but thanks to you and the ladies on this board I feel like I am getting closer to the source. *big smile*

Ahhhh, Panik bought me a birthday cake! How sweet is that? Yes, I think you should have a piece of cake in bed while relaxing and watching a good movie! Stay away from those dishes girl...dishes and peaceful dining do not mix. Did I read that lived in Waco???? I graduated from High School there and my son was born there!!! Small world, eh? As for the job, the plane ride, and your condition...I would suggest waiting on the interviews until your bleeding is under control. The last thing you need is to get and then lose a good job. How depressing! Give yourself a break, get well, and then get the job....finances permitting.

Willow: Come out and play!!!!!

As always, you guys are the greatest...thanks for everything! For the humor, the support, and for letting me bend your ears. I tried to tough it out, but just had to know about the boyfriend thing. I am so glad I posted that, I almost didn't, but as it turns out I wasn't alone!!! Thanks again for the advice and camaraderie. Y'all make a tough situation bearable! Talk about making some lemonade!

God Bless,

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