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Let me tell you what I know about positive margins. Mine were actually clear and I ended up with ASCUS at my follow-up to my LEEP. I had a colpo last week and won't actually know the severity of dysplasia until my follow-up next week. I really get the impression that the LEEP tissue sample is only slightly indicative of the prognosis. The next exam - ECC/pap - is supposed to be the the most important.

When the margins aren't clear, it means that the dysplasia extended to the edge of what they burned out. What you have to remember is that the egdes of the sample as well as the edges of your cervix that were left behind were all burned. So, that leaves a small space where the rest of the abnormal cells could have been destroyed. In addition, even if there was dysplasia there, the whole process can encourage your body to make normal cervical cells again as it replaces the part that was cut out.

It really depends on the cause of the dysplasia and your immune system. Like I said, I had clear margins and mine still grew back abnormal. The reverse happens as well. Since you were working on making yourself healthy for a baby, you are probably in better shape than most of us. Your diet and stress level are big factors. And, please don't smoke! That is one of the worst things.

The women who are having hysterectomies for dysplasia are typically through with their uterus and/or not up to having more LEEPs. Or, their docs simply think it has gone too far or too deep and they want to stop it in it's tracks. Your doc doesn't feel that way, so trust that you will be able to save your cervix and start a family one day. I believe there is also a newer procedure to remove the cervix and salvage the rest of the uterus.

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