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The anxiety is probably the worst part of all of it. Tell your doctor how anxious you are and take a list of your questions. Usually, when they know about the anxiety, they call quicker after.

According to everyone else (I'm the big baby of the board) the colpo is no big deal. Your doctor will probably use a slightly larger speculum to get to your cervix. Then, they will spray you witha vinegar solution. The healthy cells stay clear, but the unhealthy ones look white when the vinegar is there. They use a high powered microscope, usually witha warm light, to get a better look at the possible dysplasia. If they see anything, they use a device that will take out small chunks of tissue to send to the lab. The samples look like little half-moons like when you clip your fingernails. If they do the biopsies, you will probably have a little bleeding. You may want to take your own pad with you since theirs are usually pretty gross.

Did your doc already tell you that you have HPV? They usually don't conclude that from the first abnormal pap. If you do have it, your odds are still really good. It takes a very long time for most cases to go from mild dysplasia to cancer. You are doing the right thing by getting your exams taken care of. You can also try to minimize stress in your life and improve your diet so that you can be one of the ones who doesn't have to have surgery after the colpo. The majority of cases like yours correct themselves on their own. Also, if you smoke, the risks are much higher - so quit.

Please, check back in later today and let us know how it goes. It seems to be the season. I had mine last week and don't get the results for one more week.


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