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Actually, when I came in today, they had told me that I didn't have an appt, which I KNOW I did. Test results for the pap came back on 8-8-03, and the first appt, I had to wait two months for, I missed that one (we had the wrong times) then I rescheduled it right away, had to wait another month (this was the one today), and now they say I'm not scheduled at all. So I rescheduled again and they said I had to wait another month to get in. Well, I told my boyfriend about it, and he got very mad (he's been waiting, too) and called them back. He's like "don't you guys care, this is a matter of her health!?". So now I'm in in another two weeks. uugggg more waiting
My doctor didn't say I had HPV, she just said most that have cervical dysplasia have that...I should really look up on this more on the net, do you know of any good sites?
I'm just really scared, when my mom was 16 doctors found a benign lump in her breast, and cancer runs in my family heavily. I'm only 20 yrs old!
And yes, I used to smoke like a pack a day, but the past month I've gone down to 5-6 a day.
Thank you so much for your help!

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