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My discharge also had an odor and it was certainly different than the ususal period smell. It wasn't rancid or anything, more like the odor of toe jam. But then again, I didn't really have much bloody/dried blood discharge. I had my LEEP a week and a half ago and about four days later started having charcol black, coffee ground-like discharge, mixed with the occasional tissue clot, followed by pink-tinged mucous (I really hope you wanted this much detail :-). When I went for my follow-up after one week, my doc said this was all totally normal.

I started my period right on schedule yesterday and was kind of relieved to have discomfort and body fluids that felt and looked familiar again! I never thought I would be so happy to have regular cramps ;-)

As far as the sex thing goes, you poor dear!- I can sympathize. My husband has been so great through this whole thing, and patient, but it's tough on us, too. He's been terrific about reminding me how attracted to me he is, and this helped me get over the "invaded" feeling of the procedure. It also helped that he was there with me. All in all, I'm just crazy about the guy and can't keep my hands off of him!

I completely agree with the previous poster, DEFINATELY wait the alotted time before having actual intercourse so your cervix can heal into its lovely, sexy self once again -- but that doesn't mean you can't engage in other satisfyingly sexual behavior!

In fact, I estimate that orgasams just might have a healing effect, since they involve increased blood flow and muscle contractions in the genitals, not to mention the endorphins. I'm sure you can find all manor of exciting, erotic activities involving the rest of your anatomy to please both you and your partner while your cervix gets its private time. Just think of all those other nerve endings that are waiting to be tingled!! You could start by taking a nice warm shower together, then be creative.

Don't think of it as a break, but as an opportunity.

Hope that helps :-)

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