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I had my LEEP procedure done just last Wednesday (October 1st). I realize everyone's bodies are different so healing can vary - but I'd like to know about a few peoples experiences with bleeding and smell afterward?

I didn't bleed the first day, however the 2nd day and since I've had somewhat clear-red-brown (slightly darker than period blood, but thinner at the same time) discharge - and some regular blood when urinating now and then. The smell however, is a little off-putting. It's only been 5 days, so I'm not sure if I could be concerned (my post-op is scheduled for the 20th of this month...) about this or if it's just alarming because it's a different kind of scent than the one I'm used to during periods.

On a side note, and not to be too "TMI" - ridiculously it's been only 5 days but I'm having serious issues with the no-sex thing. I'm doing it, because of course I don't want to get infected or delay healing, but it's DRIVING ME NUTS. My doctor said "2 weeks" for no swimming, tampons, or intercourse - I've read on here several times about people going up to 4 weeks? I sincerely hope that is not the case with me :| My main mode of exercise is swimming, and unfortunately I'm a little bit of a nympho these days (1 partner, mind you :P).

So any post-op information that could help me out would be really appreciated, I honestly didn't even want to do the procedure but decided to go for it- mostly because I'm on short term disability (or was) because I got a broken foot just 2 and a half weeks ago :\

I guess when it rains....

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