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I was having a problem and went to the doctor. I guess I had a Bacterial Infection. I was experiencing a lot of discharge that had a fishy smell to it. Got a pap smear done, and of course it came back abnormal. Guess I ended up having HPV. Well, I had the LEEP done July 31 2003......I didn't have my period until 3 months later, which I thought was weird. But I am now still having problems. I still have a lot of milky white discharge, and at times, I don't smell to pleasant. Still a fishy odor, and sometimes, just a foul odor. What is going on? Also, my boyfriend, whom I have been faithful too, for over a year now, gave me Herpes about a year ago, and now HPV. HE has not experienced any signs or symptoms of either, Herpes nor HPV. Why? Now he thinks that I have cheated on him since he doesn't have any symptoms of either. Why is this?
Hi JsGirl,

I am so sorry this has been so difficult on you. It is totally possible for guys and girls to have HPV and HSV and pass them on without ever having any symptoms. I have HSV and I have only had one outbreak. It makes it tough to remind myself that any sex - whether protected or unprotected - can be dangerous for any potential partners. My skin can be shedding the HSV when I don't even have an outbreak and he can get it from around the condom. And, you probably remember that the HPV that causes dysplasia doesn't have any symptoms. You have no idea you have it until you get the abnormal pap.

If your guy is really interested in staying with you, maybe you can get him to get on-line and do some research on his own. He can learn about how it is possible for him to have these things and give them to you and how it turns out that you have symptoms and he doesn't.

As for the smell and discharge, it sounds like something to see a doc about. I know it isn't any fun to go there and spread your legs for a relative stranger all the time, especially if things smell bad, but it really is necessary sometimes. I haven't had that kidn of discharge problem so I can't tell you what it might be, but I know that many infections can be really bad for you. And, if you get treated for something that can be transmitted sexually - I think BV is one, ask your doctor about it and ask your boyfriend to get treated at the same time so that he doesn't give it to you again.
Had Leep with hysteroscopy done at the same time on 1/ 7/ 05. It's 1/ 14/ 05, and today I had my one week check up / follow up. This is what I experienced. I was put under during the procedure with a seditive since I was also having a hysteroscopy done. I did not feel a thing. After the procedure I felt cramping or bleeding .

Later on during the second day, I had some discharge which was brownish black, and looked like coffed gounds. It smelled like a musty mix of burnt skin and dried blood. I believe it's the solution and /or paste they use on your cervix when having the leep procedure. About day 5, I noticed a slight tinge of pink after wiping myself when I went to the bathroom. This wasn't too bad at all, and the odor really disappeared. Today I went for my follow up, and my DR told me everything I experienced was normal and I actually am bleeding heavier now, since she did a full exam on me. It seems to be equal to the first or second day of when I get my period. I am not expected to have a period for another week or so, but perhaps she did a lot of probing, and caused me to bleed, or else I got my period early! Who knows.

All I know is, my results all came back great, and she said I was healing fine .

I would call your dr if you are bleeding as heavy as if it were your period on its worst day. I would also call your doctor if you smell like rotton eggs, or you have bad pain and a fever, which is more likely to be infection symptoms. If you smell from what I believe is a stong dried up blood smell in combination with a burning skin smell- basically nasty, and you're spoting a llittle with coffee ground lilke particles mixed in the discharge, you have nothing to worry about. See if each day it decreases just a bit, and then you will know your fine. You have to believe the stuff coming out of you is the stuff they put into you do do the procedure. Also, don't be surprised if tissure particles also come out from inside you. This looks like toilet paper covered in coffee gounds! How pleasant!
Guys are mostly carries. They can have it all their life with no symptoms. On another post I typed about my friend that had only been with one guy and was a virgin when she married him. Her husband of 10 years cheated on her while they were married with a girl that knew she had HPV but never told her husband about it. She had already had a hystercomy (spelling). Took no longer than a year for her to get to 3rd stage with HPV. Now remarried and the ex still has no signs of it. Her Dr. told her that she has had to tell women that were the age of 60 and older t hat they had HPV. They told the Dr. that they had only been with one man their entire life and they had passed on. Then the Dr. had to inform them that their husbands had cheated on them during thier marriage.
I am so sorry to hear about all of you that have this. I am so scared to call and make an appointment for a pap smear and HPV test. I started getting them done after my friend found out she had it. HUGS to you all!


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