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Re: Kmas
Oct 29, 2003
Hi there. I do not know any more about the dysplasia yet. I go for my first post-leep pap on Dec. 1st. That is when the doctor will also do an ECC (endocervical curretage) to confirm if the dysplasia is in the cervical canal (I sure hope not!). I really want to be done with the procedures as I want to start having kids as soon as the doc says it is safe. When I last spoke with the doctor, he said that I might have to have another LEEP if the pap comes back abnormal. After researching on the Internet...for endless seems to me that the next step would be a cold knife/cone biopsy (as it sounds like that procedure can get a deeper tissue sample). My doc did not mention that yet though. At my next appointment...I am going to bring a long list of questions. I never can seem to remember them all when I am there.

Good luck at your LEEP tomorrow. Are you going to be asleep for it or is it just in the doctor's office? Is this your first one? The procedure seemed very easy to me (I had it in the office). The recovery was not bad either. The hardest part is the time between the procedure and getting the results back. Seems like it takes forever!

Take care and let me know how it goes!


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