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Hey All!

Here's my latest update: I guess I will start with the good news since it is quicker. No, let's come back to it and do it in order.

I did not go to the doc on Monday for her depo shot. I am totally against it and she was, too, when we met. My biggest concern is that the patient information says not to get it if you have irregular bleeding. My other concern is that once it is in you, it is "effective" for three months with side effects lasting up to a year. One of the side effects is - you guessed it - abnormal bleeding!

So, I waited until yesterday. We had a scheduled appt and I figured she could spend more time with me. I asked her to go back over the differential diagnosis for abnormal bleeding and help me understand why some things were ruled out. We went through a little of it and she agreed to get a blood test for bleeding disorders. We also talked about the hormone choices they have given me so far and she realized that I was never on the regular provera so she wrote out a script for that. Ah. Something new to try. I already stopped my other pills and it turns out this would be a period week anyway. So, I am to call Monday to see how the bleeding is, get the lab results and get further instructions.

I followed her out to get lab instructions and then I remembered that we hadn't talked about my cervix. She opened up the file and, good news - I think, all of the biopsies of my cervix and uterus were benign. I was hoping for a simple "normal" but benign works, too. I asked her if I should get a pap in three months and she said that she will be talking to me many more times before then. Talk about confidence.

Oh, and she would not even discuss a hysterectomy. Ugh!

So, I wandered over to the lab. It took a long time because she had ordered a test for people on heparin and they had to call to find out what she really wanted. Then, I sat in the chair and the girl had about 10 tubes to fill. While she filled them, I proceeeded to bleed all over her chair! My mom went to get me some other clothes from the car while the girl did a bleed time on me. Interesting test and I got a paper stitch out of it! Funny that we keep having surgeries down there and no stitches. Well, I got one yesterday. I am so glad they ran the tests and I don't expect anything to come of it, but I sure wish they would have done them six months ago when I still had blood to spare.

(Did anyone see that a guy swam over Niagara Falls? No offers for anyone to get his red wings in Periodzilla Falls lately - not that I would let anyone. I guess I am a bit prude.)

Ia anyone else bored with this yet? I know I am. Oh, and I really do think I have diaper rash now. I guess there is the slight chance that I have a yeast infection from the antibiotics they gave me during the surgery, but that was two weeks ago. Reze, you are so sweet to be thinking of me when you are planning your pre-op visit with your doc. Maybe I will have to come visit your new yard and get my hysterectomy in Austin! You promised a cabana boy, but he will have to be gentle with me post-op. We can recover together.

Hey Nik (and everybody else here!!)

How are you feeling my pale little friend?! How did your appt. go on the 4th with the hematologist? Were they able to find any reason for the bleeding at all? Good gravy they've been picking and poking at you for six months now...they have to figure it out! How was your Dad on the trip to the docs? Did you duct tape him to the back seat and make him be quiet the whole way lol? Sorry it's been so long since I've been on but I was sick with the flu for almost a week and am just now starting to feel better. As for me, my follow up colpo was good. Doc didn't see any evidence of dysplasia and was quite pleased. Told me I had to come back for a follow up in 6 months. I think I mentioned that I was going for a TV Ultrasound which showed a large fibroid, a small fibroid and a polyp. I don't know the exact size but will find out as the doc called and had already set up an appointment for a hysteroscopy (sp?) on the 17th. The nurse explained it and I'm thinking that I'm not gonna like it a whole lot! lol. Oh well...could be worse. So that's where I stand as of now...please let me know how you're doing and could you send me a few of those cookies you were baking previously??? I could really use some! Yum!

Reze...did you fall off the face of the Earth? Where are you my little turtle dove? How was your doc appt. on Oct. 30th? I imagine you and the hubby are all moved in to the new place and all snuggied down. I hope you didn't get Alzheimers and forget who we are for heaven's sake!!! Is that a sock I see lurking around the corner there??? He looks rather guilty...maybe he took Reze...oh no, I hope the nightmare isn't starting again!! I'm starting to think that Reze had all her laundry arrested and she was a witness at the trial and since they were worried about her, they put her in the witness protection program. That's probably the real reason she you think? ex smoking are you doing? I've been thinking about you. It's been 22 days now for me that I haven't smoked. I think about it but only for a second. Not too many bad cravings like some people get. I just keep myself busy. Still on the Zyban and doing good. Even though quitting smoking and the Zyban seem to give me "airhead" syndrome, I don't think too many people will notice lol! I am normally scatterbrained at the best of times. If someone didn't call me by my name at least once a day I would forget it.

Hi brandnew and beelovr...brandnew, when do you get your pap results? Beelovr, how was your LEEP? Did it go okay? How are you feeling? Let us know.

Hope this goes through...been having a hard time connectiong to the boards lately.

Willow :D
I just stumbled upon this thread. Nik-how did your doctors appt go? You have gone thru so much. How young are you that they don't like to do certain treatments on you-if you don't mind me asking.
You girls on Wellbutrin-you may be getting depressed from quitting smoking. I was on Wellbutrin once for severe depression. It didn't work but I was on it. Check with your docs though.
About 2 months ago I went to a new gyno for my annual pap and it came back normal so you would think its ok-right? But my doc said she didn't think she could check my uterus because I was fluffy(nice way of saying fat) so she had me have a vaginal ultrasound. They found out that my endometrial lining was thick and I haven't had a period in 2 years cause I am menopausal. So she scheduled an endometrial biopsy. Well she couldn't get all the way up there cause I had scars from never having a baby vaginally but what they found were a few abnormal cells in my cervix. So she scheduled a D&C and a Leep in the hospital(outpatient of course). The first day I just had a discharge. Then about the 3rd day I started what amounted to be a period. I went thru a pad every 2 hours. I freaked since I hadn't had a period for 2 years so I called and went in. She said everything looked fine and I could expect bleeding. To make a long story short I bled off and on for 2 weeks. I finally quit Friday. Nothing like you Nik so I don't know what you are going thru. I can't imagine still having periods.
Anyway I don't get my results till Wednesday.
I asked her how I could have a normal pap and still have abnormal cells and she said some women are shedders and some aren't. Does anyone else have any suggestions? Hers doesn't make sense to me. I'm sorry for the long post but I hope everyone is doing well.

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