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Re: Now I am scared
Feb 18, 2005
I recently had a biopsy and colposcopy. During the exam, my doctor said one thing very black and white:
if you go for regular paps you simply won't die from cervical cancer. I believe that though i am waiting to hear if I had already left it too late (10 years in between, which for an HPV sufferer, is a really dumb thing to do).

One thing I didn't quite follow, if you didn't get results back from the leep, was the cin 1 determined from the orignal pap or a colposcopy...? Cin 1 is good (relatively speaking). It is precancerous cells of the mild kind, as no doubt you know. I take it you are waiting to see if the leep fixed you up (?). Even if not, I am sure a second procedure would remove all affected cells, though I haven't yet heard of anyone's leep not doing the job first time for cin 1.
I don't blame you for being scared, though it sounds like your two problems are lack of info & waiting too long for treatments and appointments.
Just the wait alone is enough to freak out the best of us, but that does seem an unusal amount of time to have to wait. It may be worth you find another doctor, even one out of town (if you have transportation), if it means speeding up the process. And you need to be more assertive (I learned this the head way too). Make a list of questions before seeing a dr. And even take someone with you (boygriend/husband/mother/friend). A dr is less likely to treat you like crap and fob you off if someone else is there to witness. Make sure all your questions are addressed.
I am sure having more little ones won't be a problem, but you do need advice on when to start, and any complications that could arise if you need more treatments etc.
How old is your daughter?

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