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I have read several articals that say that birth control pills can cause us to have abnormal cells, dysplasia, or cervical cancer. If you ladies would reply back to this by telling me what kind of BC you are taking and for how long and what stages you are in I would appreciate it. My mom is really convinced that my problems are due to my taking birth control pills. Also if you dont take the bc pills and are still having these problems I would appreciate hearing from you.

Thanks a bunch.

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I agree with lobo... Taking BCPs can only be a pre-disposing factor, also because the pill depletes the body's folic acid resources. I have never taken the pill and I still have dyplasia. I would be more worried about clots than dysplasia as far as BCPs are concerned, esp. when combined with smoking. (BTW, I do not smoke and I still have dysplasia...)
ive seen percentages from 5-10 percent of dysplasia without those cases id be curious to see what the causes are, aka smoking...etc.....but the breakdown of just that population

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