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Re: Biopsy Results
Apr 1, 2005
Your dysplasia was COMPLETELY missed by your doctor?! I don't know how confident you are about your doctor but I would try to find somebody else. They should stain your cervix right before the procedure to know where to excise. What sometimes happens is that some of the margins are not clear and some of the lesion stays in your cervix but I've never heard of a complete miss!
A cold knife cone treats your dysplasia more aggresively but at least it gives you higher chances of having your condition treated. My friend also had a cold knife cone done and she had clear margins even though she had microinvasive cancer.
As far as running the risk of having a miscarriage if you get pregnat, the chances are only slightly higher than with a LEEP. In fact, there is only a small percentage of women that are at risk of having a miscarriage after a CKC. What can actually greatly increase the risk of one is having to have several procedures to treat your dysplasia.
Hope everything goes well for you. Keep us posted. Good luck!

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