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Hey everyone....I'm hoping that someone could maybe help me out and if not then at least I get to vent a little about my worries :) I had an apnormal pap in May of 2004 then a coloscopy which came back mild dysplasia. My doctor told me that it would most likely go away on its own. I went back in December and it got worse so my dr. scheduled a leep for february 3rd. I had the Leep done and OMG it HURT! I thought that only the local anesthetic would hurt but I don't even think the anesthetic worked at all because I felt the whole thing. Anyways after it was all over I very lightly spotted for a few hours and then never bleed again since. I did get the normal brown disgusting discharge but no bleeding. I was due to get my period a few days later and I didn't. I went back to my doctor for a follow up 2 weeks after. She told me that it was normal to not get my period due to the trauma from the leep. She also told me that the biopsy results from the leep came back negative so all the dysplasia was gone. But she also told me that it turns out that it was severe dysplasia. But my cervix healed very nicely. But now that we're in march I was due to get my period a few days ago and didn't. I also don't feel any symptoms that it is on its way either. Every single month I feel slight cramping in the days before, plus other signs that its coming soon. Well I don't feel anything. I'm extremely worried. I spoke with the doctor about becoming pregnant in the future and she told me that I shouldn't have any problems but I might have to have my cervix stitched when I do become pregnant. That also made me extremely worried. Also she insisted that my boyfriend and I use condoms for the next year if all my paps come back negative. We've been using condoms but they have been very uncomfortable for me. Painful discomfort. I don't know if I can deal with that discomfort for an entire year or more. I'd honestly rather not have sex at all. I keep reading and hearing that the hpv cannot ping pong between my boyfriend and I so therefore we don't need to use condoms. But my doctor says that we should take all precautions. I don't want to increase my risk or recurrence. I don't want to go through another Leep if I don't have to. Plus I'm extremely afraid that the leep I had or if god forbid I have to have another one in the future will ruin my chances of having children one day. I have been extremely stressed over all of this since I had the leep done last month. Has anyone not gotten their period after leep or had anything similar to this happen? I know that not getting my first period was normal but I thought for sure that I would get the next one! Also has anyone had successfult pregnancies after Leep(s) and has anyone had to have their cervix stitched during the pergnancy? Also has anyone not used condoms after leep and their future paps come back ok and never got a recurrence of the dysplasia? I'm sorry about the long post and thanks in advance for any replies!!!!

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