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Hi everyone,
I got my biopsy results today. Severe dysplasia (plus lesion- high grade I think) was confirmed. The indication is that it hasn't progressed through the membrane, though he said this will be confirmed with the LEEP (May 17th). He said the LEEP has a 97 % chance of removing all the cells (thus "curing" the condition, I assume), and if not, the LEEP is done again. I don't know what happens if they find the membrane has been crossed.

To anyone who has been diagnosed with cervical cancer: Is it something that is detected right away from the biopsy/colposcopy? Can I stop worrying completely now? Everyone keeps saying that if it was bad, they would have detected it by now. But I thought that until they do the LEEP, they can't confirm anything, but the tests so far can indicate the likelyhood of cancer.
I mean, it can't be advanced cervical cancer without them knowing by now surely?
My pelvic ultrasound showed "nothing in particular"- whatever that means. So my husband and I were pretty pleased that so far it has only been labelled as dysplasia and commented on the fact that this is good news. The doctor replied defensively "compared to what?". I keep getting mixed messages. I don't know whether to be relieved or not.
And apparently I don't get the option of being out for the procedure. He said I can drive myself there and back and it will take 5 minutes. Is this true?
Has anyone had leep results come back worse than expected?
And what is the difference between a laser and a leep?
Thanks everyone...

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