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Mar 17, 2005
1 year ago my gyn md diagnosed me with "ovarian calcifications", after a ultrasound, puzzled by these she refered me to a third party radiology group for a second opinion. They too were puzzled, but the x-ray tech tried to reassure me that she had read an article in a magazine (she couldn't remember what mag, or the content) and that it was fine. Well my md decided to do ultrasounds every 6 months to monitor these calcifications in both my ovaries and do a CA-125 blood test(to check for cancer) with every annual pap. Recently my md became ill & a younger more aggressive gyn md took her place. My first visit with her was for my annual pap. She was so aggressive that I have bled & cramped for 2 days now since that pap smear. She also decided that she does not want to continue monitoring my ovaries or administer the CA-125 test. I am so frustrated and want to empower myself with some knowledge to take charge of my condition before it's something more. Any feed back will be GREATLY APPRECIATED!!!

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