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What is your diagnosis exactly? Cryo really is only used for very mild cases, cin1...I had it about 4 yrs ago, and now I am at CIN3 (just had a leep/laser) .......I feel that for anything above cin1, it is not as effective enough

It didn't hurt at all though - my colpo was worse than the freezing, but i didnt think the colpo was bad either...It was like cramps here and there, but no pain. I walked out and was fine 10 minutes later....just relaxed for a day or 2.
I don't even know my exact diagnosis. I had an "atypical" pap in December, an "atypical" repeat pap in January, and a colpo in February. The colp[o showed that I have precancerous cells in my cervix due to HPV. I know what HPV is because my friends had/has it, but she also had warts, which I don't have. I have that "invisible" strain of HPV, the kind that has no medical effect on men so that they don't know that they are carriers. Other than that, I don't know anything.
What is this CIN1 or CIN3 that you are speaking of? Thank you so much for your help . . . I hope I can become more educated before Wednesday (my cryo), so that I can ask the doctor these direct questions about my diagnosis. So far she has been very vague and just acts like, "OK. Come in on Wednesday and we'll take care of it." If it wasn't for me ASKING exactly what I was going to be having done on Wednesday, I wouldn't even know! Same goes for when I went for my colposcopy . . .
no problem... a good dr should always continuously be talking to you and informing you of EXACTLY whats going on , and what your situation is. Just saying "come in well take care of it" is wrong :( I cant begin to tell you how many dr's choose WRONG procedures for horrifying reasons - b/c it makes them more $$$ or bc its 'easier' when it might not be the right thing - happened to me TWICE

good luck keep us posted

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