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I just found this board and was hoping someone had some insight to my situation. I had cryosurgery for mild dysplasia back in October. I had my 3 month follow up pap in February and just got the results from the Dr's office that it has also come back abnormal? All they would do is schedule another follow up for May. I'm confused because I'm not sure if this is an "unsuccessful cryo" situation or maybe my cervix hasn't had enough time to heal? I'm not sure what to think. Any input would be appreciated! Thanks

I just had cryosurgery done today for mild displasia, the same as you. And like you, I will go for a follow-up pap in 3 months. I actually asked my doctor today what would happen if my follow-up pap came back abnormal. She said that if my 3 month follow-up pap were to come back abnormal, it would mean that the first cryo (the one I had today) had been unsuccessful in removing all of the bad cells and that she would have to perform another cryo to get rid of the remaining bad cells. She said that my displasia is not advanced enough to warrant a LEEP or any other type of more invasive procedure.

Is your follow-up appointment for May going to be another pap or another cryo??? Given the info my doctor gave me today, if iyour May appt. is just supposed to be yet another pap, I would want to call my doctor back and ask her/his reasoning behind this and what her/his "plan of attack" (so to speak) is going to be as far as removing the remaining abnormal cells. Just to get some peace of mind.

I hope this is helpful. Let me know what you think . . . I might just be in the same exact situation as you in 3 months. :angel:
hello- Some paps come back Abnormal after cryo. How abnormal is the pap? I mean what does it say? YOu may have to have paps for a while. DO you have Hi Risk HPV?
The mean thing is to keep up with your paps.

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