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I have been on this board since Feb and I have noticed that sometimes there is a significance between how we are treated. I guess it is sometimes a dr rpeference thing, but also it seems as though it can depend on how long someone has suffered with dysplasia or whether there is a lesion present or hpv or who knows what. Though it does seem typical that cin 3/ severe dysplasia is what will require a leep (as cin 1 and 2 can regress on their own sometimes), i know of two people on the board who have been scheduled for a hystorectomy at cin 2/ moderate dysplasia, and yet i also have a friend who at stage 1 a cervical cancer was treated with a leep and cone biopsy. What the difference is I don't know. It sounds like your dr is taking this action as you have a pretty stubborn case of cin 1. Go with your gut, if it seems like the wrong course of action to you, see if you can get a second opinion, or maybe tell your dr that you would like to hold off on surgery and maybe try some alternative therapies.
Anyway, good luck, let us know what happens....

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