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[QUOTE=lobo1977]I think I remember reading that the leep can done as a 'minor' leep or a more severe one - they can control the amount/area well that they take ,so theoretically they can do a mini leep for a lower abnormality, when cryo isnt working or the recurrence is makes sense! I had cryo and ended up at cin3 a few yrs later so I am not a huge cryo fan if you keep having repeat bad paps ...[/QUOTE]

Good point, lobo! I wasn't aware of that...

Do they do these mini leeps if Paps are abnormal but colpos and bios are negative? What would you advise our friend to do if her colpo biopsies come back negative?

How much trust can we place in the Pap (notorious for its margins of error)? But then again, the colpo could have been less than perfect... I guess all this is academic until she gets her path report.

Wonderful to "see" you again! :)

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