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If I had been smart, I would have read more threads about bleeding and healing before I lifted things last week.
I did take out my "plug" when I read Lobos's response and from what you all say, a scab needs to form . I seem to be thwarting that by moving around , overdoing it , etc.

When I get up from sleeping, ...... red river valley happens.... Then it slows up and trickles. I guess it accumulates and then give gravity some credit. I am not soaking pads every 4 hours at least.

Apparently, I didn't realize how long it takes to heal up - which wasn't too bright of me to have failed to be more informed. Had I taken the time to read earlier posts, I would have been more careful.

Also , I guess I am impatient . I need to give it time . I'll call my dr next week if it gets worse.
I still wonder why some of us get gauze after the procedure , some get Monsals ( coffee bean discharge?) and I got nothing. Perhaps it depends on how much tissue was involved. That would be the common sense answer. grrrrr ---this is soooooo darn annoying.

Thanks to everyone for responding! :)


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