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Re: Abnormal Paps
Apr 8, 2005
[QUOTE=gogo123]Hello, October 2003 I was got my very first abnormal pap smear after having missed 2 consecutive doctor did the hpv test and biopsy and told me it can wait 6 months because i might get immune to it,,sounds good to me..6 months later I get the bad smear again, biopsy still shows mild , doctor told me I can still wait one more time and then we do leep, I said no I want that leep now thinking that my worries would be over..leep was done March 2004, margins came back indefinite but no malignancy and doctor told me all went well dont worry...then he retired,,,4 months later I went to the new doctor he has all my files now and redid pap test,,came out abnormal AGAIN,,I was devastated,,he told me we will do a colpo not to worry it cant be cancer its just a recurrence,,,,my biopsy came out mild so he said we can just do a freezing so that way anything left behind from leep or even recurrence will be treated since its only mild,,DONT WORRY U ARE FAR FROM CANCER he said loudly since I was panicking..fine..I did the freeze in Nov 2004......Last week March 2005 I went for Pap again and to my surprise 2 days ago it came back abnormal,,BUT it says that cannot detect high grade lesion...this doctor told me that it could mean one of the 2 following..inflammation still healing OR recurrence I said great do we do a repap or colpo for this and he said NO we do a CONE BIOPSY now just to be on the safe side,,and I said safe side for what???????? I have been told that mild doesnt get to cancer this fast anyways so why Cold knife this soon and he said that the colpo biopsy is accurate but not 100% sure!! I am freaking out 3 months ago he was pleased that colpo was mild after bad pap NOW he tells me its at my own risk if I dont do CONE BIOPSY????? WHY???? WHAT if its inflammation after all?? Could it be CAncer and they dont know after biopsies and leep and all that I went thru 1 year???? PLEASE HELP SORRY this was soooooo long.....Best wishes to all[/QUOTE]

Why are doctors doing cone operations for mild dysplasia?? that procedure is only suppose to be for severe dypslasia. I think you should have done a leep because the cyro is not all that great with removing cells the first go around. Although it is said that it's good for mild ones. Plus after you have the freezing of the cells done, it's hard to detect other abnormal cells in the future.

Please get a second opinion.

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