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Re: Abnormal Paps
Apr 8, 2005
Hi gogo...i can sympathize with your situation...i have recurrent HPV...had 2 LEEPS (Sept. 04 and Feb. 05) and a minor excisional procedure just 2 days ago...i'm seeing 2 doctors...a gynecologist and an expert pathologist/gynecologist...i'm actually very lucky that one of them is the doctor who who worked on creating the HPV DNA test....both agree that a 3rd LEEP is out of the question since i still want kids. A cone biopsy was never discussed because of fertility issues and because my level of abnormality is always mild dysplasia with small dots of moderate dysplasia in the same lesion...hopefully this was my last procedure...both doctors measured my cervix and were pleased to see that I was apparently born with a long it's all still good after 2 LEEPS. The most important test that has been determining my course of treatment has been the HPV DNA test...if you test negative for high risk HPV i don't see why he would suggest a cone biopsy...that's a very invasive procedure for mild most I would say a repeat LEEP...discuss this with him or try to get a second opinion!

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