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I had mild dysplasia during my pregnancy. They didn't do anything about it until after I delivered.
Mild dysplasia during pregnancy is usually not a problem as long as it remains mild dysplasia. If you're positive for high-risk HPV then you run the likelyhood of developing moderate or severe dysplasia or worse. Doctors will usually not treat any type of dysplasia during pregnancy because of the high risk of bleeding and because more than likely they will not be able to remove all the lesions, especially in the endocervical canal. Unless invasive cancer is suspected they will wait until 8-12 weeks post delivery to treat.

The chances of developing invasive cancer are remote but it does happen. Those women who do develop invasive cancer but want more children are then faced with having to go through a hysterectomy to treat the cancer which is quite unfortunate.

My doctor has had patients who developed invasive cancer during pregnancy and he says it's one of the worst decisions his patients are ever faced with. Depending on the progression of the cancer and its aggressiveness, women are forced to make decisions about their health, lives, the go to full term or's really difficult.

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