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Hello all, My doctor scheduled me today for an aggressive cold knife this friday..Due to one unsuccessful leep last year followed by again an unsuccessful cryo 4 months ago,, or could be recurrence,, he now thinks its best we do an aggressive cone being that im done with children but dont think i need a hyst because my results from last year colpo and 4 months ago colpo are the same at CIN 1.....please someone help.. Has any one had unsuccessful treatments before that "one" successful one,,,,and can someone please tell me how bad is the aggressive cold knife recovery????? Im doing it in the hospital under general...Im petrified about recovery..Please reply THANKS
I was also petrified when my dr. said I would need a cold knife cone. I've never had surgery or been under before. Because I had CIN III the dr. decided to excise about
2/3 of my cervix with the cone. As far as the recovery, it really wasn't that bad. I only
had VERY MINOR cramps which went away after day 2 or 3. The downside is that with this procedure you will experience bleeding for up to 2 weeks. You should also refrain from lifting anything heavy for about 15 days but you actually feel like you could go back to your normal routine so it's a bit hard to be good and not be too active. Recovery time varies from 4-6 weeks depending on how big your cone is. Since mine was so big I am on week 5 and still my dr. hasn't given me the ok as far as sex, tampons etc...
hello, i too am recovering from a cold knife cone, i had about 2 weeks ago. i had my first abnormal pap last april.(cinIII).. had recurrance again, had another leep in november, cinIII, then again now so thats why i had to have cold knife.... it did come back with clear margins. so now i just have to wait 4 months and hope its gone for good..... as for recovery, for me, it was worse than leep. much more crampy. i felt good in about 3 days. then i started back to my old routine and then all of the sudden i was TERRIBLE!!!!!!! the worst cramping ever, then fever, chills.....i ended up needing an antibiotic. it took about 3 days for it to really make me feel better though. my whole stomach area was in so much pain, even to touch. it was awful!!!!
so take it easy afterwards!!!!! good luck!!
Good luck on Friday. I pray no complications this time. I agree with lobo, if you're done with kids it's probably why your doctor has chosen this procedure. Even though it's always mild dysplasia I think the fact that it's recurring makes you a candidate for a cone biopsy. You're very likely to no longer have any problems after this procedure.

Recurrent dysplasia is the worst! Just when you think a LEEP did the trick it's back! It feels like it's never-ending! I'll be thinking of you on Friday...keep me posted on your recovery :)

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