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I was also petrified when my dr. said I would need a cold knife cone. I've never had surgery or been under before. Because I had CIN III the dr. decided to excise about
2/3 of my cervix with the cone. As far as the recovery, it really wasn't that bad. I only
had VERY MINOR cramps which went away after day 2 or 3. The downside is that with this procedure you will experience bleeding for up to 2 weeks. You should also refrain from lifting anything heavy for about 15 days but you actually feel like you could go back to your normal routine so it's a bit hard to be good and not be too active. Recovery time varies from 4-6 weeks depending on how big your cone is. Since mine was so big I am on week 5 and still my dr. hasn't given me the ok as far as sex, tampons etc...
Good luck on Friday. I pray no complications this time. I agree with lobo, if you're done with kids it's probably why your doctor has chosen this procedure. Even though it's always mild dysplasia I think the fact that it's recurring makes you a candidate for a cone biopsy. You're very likely to no longer have any problems after this procedure.

Recurrent dysplasia is the worst! Just when you think a LEEP did the trick it's back! It feels like it's never-ending! I'll be thinking of you on Friday...keep me posted on your recovery :)

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