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Hi guys! Iím back!!

I got discharged from hospital at lunchtime today and I am so glad to be home. I missed my house and cats so very much. They looked after me very well in hospital but thereís nothing better for healing than being in familiar surroundings. Anyway this is going to be a very long post so Iíd better get started.

Had surgery on Fri 13th as planned Ė 1pm I went down to theatre. I was given a pre-med but Iíd only had it about half an hour when they came to take me down. I was still awake but very drowsy. I was aware of what was going on but I was too drowsy to be bothered.

I remember going down to the anaesthetics room on the trolley and I remember them putting the heart monitor pads on my chest. I also remember the canular being put into my hand. Then I remember the anaesthetist injecting the anaesthetic and then Ė nothing.

Next thing, I heard a female voice tell me that I was being taken back up to the ward but I donít remember opening my eyes. I got back to the ward about 2 hours later. I had an IV fluid drip, a catheter and also a drain for the blood from the wound (which I wasnít aware I had until the following day). My OH came to see me and stayed just for a few minutes to make sure I was OK and I remember him telling me that I had had a hysterectomy. I slept until Saturday morning. The nurses kept coming and taking my blood pressure etc.

Saturday afternoon they got me up out of bed and I walked down the corridor carrying my drain and wee-bag. I ate for the first time and was fine. Fluid drip was removed Saturday morning. Had drain removed on Sunday and that was the worst part of the whole thing. It felt like someone was pulling my insides out. It knocks me sick when I think about it! Had bath on the Tuesday with assistance and felt so much better by then. I was moving around a lot easier but was getting terrible back ache with having to carry my wee-bag around. Finally, the catheter was taken out on Tuesday night Ė didnít hurt at all and within 20 minutes I was sat on the loo having my first pee Ė didnít hurt. Had a bath without assistance Wednesday morning Ė felt brilliant Ė moving about a lot better with no wee-bag to carry. Kept going for walks outside so that I could ring/text people on my mobile. Also had first bowel movement since the op Ė how chuffed was I?

Got up this morning and had a bath before breakfast. Then the ward sister (lovely lady) came to tell me not to move from the ward as the doctor was coming to see me and it was good news Ė I would be going home in the afternoon Ė but I had to keep quiet as she didnít usually tell people that. So I sat waiting. I was bursting for a pee but there was no way I was moving until I had seen my gyn. Finally he came to see me along with the lovely ward sister. He asked how I was. Told him I felt great. He asked if my body was doing everything it should and I said yes, bladder works, bowels work, walking around OK-ish. Then he told me that he had got the results back from histology and thatís when I started shaking. He said that all results came back negative for cancer!! Well, at this point I broke down. The sister came and put her arm around me and said ďI know how frightened you were. You just let it all out. I know what a very huge relief this is for you.Ē After I composed myself, I asked my gyn exactly what was done and what they found.

He said that I had a huge fibroma on my right ovary, another smaller one on my left vary, fluid on my lungs and ascetis in my abdomen. The big fibroma was irregular in shape and had a nobbly bit on it which was just as well as they used this nobbly bit to get the damned thing out! Thatís why they decided to do the hysterectomy, then if the results had com back as cancerous, then at least I wouldnít need further surgery. They took samples of the fibromas, the fluid on my lungs, my bowel and the ascetis and they all came back negative. Turns out I had something called Miegs (meegs) Syndrome. Very rare. Iíve not even looked it up on the internet yet.

So now I am just waiting for my medication to arrive. The sister only lives round the corner from me and she said that she would drop it off tonight for me Ė how sweet is that? It will be trial and error with the HRT Ė have to see how it goes for a couple of weeks and then go to clinic. Iíve already got my 12-week appointment through for 1st August!!

Been signed off sick for 6 weeks initially and then Iíll see how it goes. I finish at my current employers on 27th May and I need to speak to my new boss to see if he wants to put me down for starting at the beginning of June but be off sick for 4 weeks in which case Iíll need another sick note.

So, Iím now doing my pelvic floor exercises, having a nap for a couple of hours every day, and taking it easy. No driving, lifting (no heavier than a kettle full of water), carrying, pushing or pulling. I can bend and reach but in moderation. Hubby is looking after me for next couple of weeks until Iím more mobile Ė I get very stiff if Iím sat down for too long.

I will be following all of the instructions given to me by the physio religiously. I donít want to end up back in hospital with a prolapsed bladder do I??????

So, thereís the story. I want to thank all you guys for your help and support. It means so much to me. You all said that I would come out of this OK at the other end and I have and am making good progress. I am a changed person. I will never take anything for granted ever again. I have so much to look forward to Ė new job, fostering and many other things.

Iíll keep you updated with my recovery.

Rowdy XX

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