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Re: My story
May 2, 2005
MSELL....i know this is a difficult time for you. I've been dealing with this since Jan. 04...recurrent CIN 1-2...I can definitely understand how you're feeling...don't beat yourself up over being more one ever told me about HPV...not in school and not even my gynecologist. Had someone told me that even condoms can't protect you maybe I would have made different choices, but who knows...this is such a common problem...for all I know i contracted HPV from my husband!

I just wanted to mention a word about anal paps...I also have had anal sex so i had to know if i should be worried about this. I know it's an embarrassing issue to discuss with your doctor but i just took a deep breath and I asked. My doctor said since I didn't have any anal warts the chances that i have anal dysplasia are very slim but if i wanted to be 100% sure he is sending me to a gastroenterologist in July for an anal pap...hopefully we won't find anything, but if we do then i go for an anoscopy...same as a colposcopy. From all the articles that Ive read on the net it does appear that anal dysplasia is on the rise but it's most often seen in HIV positive men and women and men who have sex with men...the occurence is still quite low for heterosexual women who are not in the sex trade so I'm not going to panic over this right now.

If this is important to you just find your courage and ask...think of it this way...your doctor has seen it ALL! Anal sex is not something to be ashamed all you know he/she may have had anal sex as well! Best of luck...let us know how things are going :)

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