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I had cryosurgery in March and it didn't hurt at all!!! No pain during or even afterwards . . . and believe me, I also get anxious about pain and medical procedures! You can't find a bigger wimp than me. I passed out during my colpo and I passed out last week when I had to get a blood test . . . it's from the anxiety. I did NOT pass out, however, during the cryo because I was able to calm down as soon as I realized there was no pain. It felt like nothing more than a 5 minute pap smear, just uncomfortable. (I took 4 ibuprofren beforehand as my doctor had suggested and it must have worked.)

As far as a cryosurgery causing complications with child bearing, I have never heard of that. I would ask your doctor to be sure . . . but the way I understand it is that child bearing problems only occur for women who have EXTREME cases of precancerous cells and have had MANY freezing or cutting procedures . . . because having numerous procedures can weaken the cervix and make it more difficult to carry a child. Like I said, ask your doctor for the facts.

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