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Re: Phaedrus
May 17, 2005
ah, ;) relief to hear from you, and for those women with upcoming leeps, "it wasn't awful". :) :) :) I'm SO happy to hear.

Acronyms for LEEP is LLEC (large loop excision of the cervix), loop cone biopsy and LLETZ ( large loop excision of the TZ zone). In my own case, my friend was there, watching the t.v. the whole time during the procedure, once he described "it" to me, it was obvious, it wasn't a "slice" it was a cone. To my knowledge the use of leep for "cone biopsy" is the "new" thing, the better way of going about it.

My follow up is 4 months,,,nanana/waaaaa you're ahead of me, ;).

I thank you so much for sharing with that question I/we had, unfortunately, that's what I was afraid of,,,the waiting game. I will most certainly share with you my biopsy result, as long as you/and whomever is reading do the same,,,,deal? (whomever reading this whom haven replied, ya you, why are you shy? :) share ok. )

karen, my thoughts are with you as well. Hoping this next repeat pap comes up clear, or at worst slight abnormality. Thank you for sharing, I will be following up on your posts...yep, you better post!

Pha, one more thing, I didn't feel like correcting you last night since I know where your mind was when you read my post, but if you re-read, i'm not 19 yrs old, i'm 30. No biggy, just wanted to point that out ,,,,hehehehehehe, yep, I love bustin' chops.

Things will work out. I know it. We are too young at 30-31 to have invasive cervical cancer,,,,that's what most statistics show. Keep that in mind, as I am also.

Good or bad news from LEEP biopsy, we should/ (right?) share. Keeping in mind every single situation is different as the size of lesion, the location, the depth and so on. If by chance you are simply reading this, now or in future with our own personal results,,,every women's sitiuation with dysplasia is different. Either way, it's amazing what they can do to cure cancer nowadays!!!!!!!!!!! Even though you have it, or have the risks/symptoms/lesions,,,,, you CAN/WILL be the odds as we are in the year 2005!!!! Most of all, it's a great feeling to know, you are not alone.

God bless.

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