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Re: Phaedrus
May 28, 2005
hang in there. In some ways, its probably less frustrating to have severe dysplasia, cos at least we qualify for treatment. And just the waiting for treatment can be frustrating, but to wait to see if you need treatment, then wait again to see if it is needed now, and so on.... holy cow, you must be ready to keel over with worry.
Have you made the changes to your diet, and followed some more homeopathic treatments (like herbal supplements etc). It can be very effective, and also gives you the sense that something is being done, even if it is not a leep. It is very common for mild dysplasia to return to normal (hence the waitin and multiple paps). If you help your condition by following anticarcinogenic diets (lots of veg...tomatoes, essaic tea, etc), you may well help your condition to reverse.
Anyway, we are here for you, so any time you are stressed and want to vent, vent away my friend. God bless, and I hope you are coping ok.

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