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Need Help???
May 31, 2005
I am 21 years old and Im really scared and I dont even know if I should be. Last January I had a routine pap and it came back abnormal so the doctor a PCP sent me to a Gyn. This Doctor conducted a follow-up pap in March and determined that I would need a colposcopy. In april I had the colposcopy and the results came back with moderate dysplasia. This doctor wated around doing biopsy after biopsy until finally in september she reccomended a cryo freezing. So, I had the freezing done and then waited until January to have a follow up pap done. She called me back in February saying that the results concerned her because the paps abnormailty seemed greater than the previous ones. Now she has me worried and I'm ready to dump her for another opinion.
In addition to all of this I have also been recently diagnosed with endomitriosis and I am on continuous birth control (i do not get my period) as well as pain medication which seems to be working, but I dont know what is going on with the other issue. If anyone has an info that would help please let me know. I am currentyl looking for a new GYN (I would like to use the specialist I saw for my endo, however he only works with the condition and will no longer perform anything else i.e cryp therapy etc as he is swamped with stuff).
ANy help would be appreciated
Re: Need Help???
May 31, 2005
Just wanted to post a little word of encouragement. I was diagnosed with severe dysplasia last week and I am having what they call a cold knife cone on July 1st. No doubt...It can be a scary thing and the waiting is torture.

I think you'll find though that there are alot of gals on this board who are dealing with what you are and that there quite a few options to take (beyond cryo) to combat dysplasia and PREVENT it from becoming worse.

Read through the posts, do a little research, ask you doc a million questions and get specifics so you know exactly what you are dealing with and can be proactive about the best solutions and treatments for you. If you need a second opinion then all the power to you. I think its kind of crazy that they waited from April to September to do your cryo for moderate dysplasia but then I am probably one of the most impatient people on the planet! :)

In any event, educate yourself, have a good cry or two to release the tension, post whatever questions you need to here and remember that dysplasia is NOT CANCER and can be treated to keep it from every becoming cancer.

Good luck and KIT

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