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cmedd...i think 1.5% is a little low. It's more around 5-10% of women still have dysplasia after a LEEP...I know because i've had 3 LEEPS in 9 months! In my case it was CIN I-II and my doctor was convinced that when he did the first LEEP that i wouldn't have anything to worry about. However, during my first follow-up in January, I had more dysplasia but in a different seems it was no visible at the time of the first LEEP. So I had a second LEEP in Feb. thinking this is finally over but it wasn't. So i switched doctors and since I want children the new doctor performed something similar to a LEEP but not quite. So far I have no recurrence. It looks like this is finally over. My HPV DNA and ThinPrep Pap will confirm this in July.

I don't think you're near having a hysterectomy. If the dysplasia is truly persistent over time and after several treatments then maybe it's an option, seeing also that you don't want children...but really it's a last resort. Unfortunately a biopsy wil never be as precise as a LEEP and our true diagnosis is only after a LEEP and a follow-up. I certainly hope for you that by the time you have your follow-up everything is cleared up. Hang in there :)

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