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Hey there - I am in the waiting period between an abnormal PAP and my 2nd colposcopy. I had an abnormal PAP 5 years ago, then not again til one year ago (CIN-I). I had my 1st colposcopy and 6 months later, my PAP was normal. Six months after that, its abnormal again (SIL/ASCUS). I have my 2nd colposcopy in 2 weeks but I'm trying to get myself in a healthier place and hopefully that will help too. I've been exercising more, I don't smoke, rarely drink, I'm taking a multi-vitamin (Centrum?). I'd also like to switch to cotton tampons. Where do you get these? I've seen them on-line (Natracare) but would be easier if they were available at a regular drugstore. I'm not so sure I want to use tampons with vitamins the tip when I don't have my period - I'm going to ask my doctor about this.
As for the vitamins and supplements, do any of these mess up birth control pills? I don't want to take bad combinations of anything and cause other problems. I also have completely unrelated digestive problems that I don't want to flare up. I've been on birth control for 12 years non-stop, which probably isn't helping but the one time I tried to get off of them was the worst month of my life - horrible period, crazy moods, just felt sick during my period, so much pain...these were the reasons I started taking them and now I don't think I can stop taking them! I'd love to get more healthy and fight whats going on in my body instead of sitting and waiting for test results every few months.

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