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:) I've had a history of paps showing Ascus and biopsies showing mild dysplasia. I have also been diagnosed with one of the high risk strains of HPV. I finally found a doctor who wanted me to actually try something instead of just the horrible "wait and see" when we do a follow up pap. She put me on a protocol of 25,000 i.u. Vitamin A and Cerviplex (which is 400 mg. Indole-3-Carbinol) once a day. I was also on 5 mg of Folic Acid two times a day (for a total of 10 mgs a day - need a prescription for this!) and 500 mg. Vitamin C two times a day (for a total of 1000 mg). She also had me switch to natural cotton tampons and for seven days while not on my period, I put the liquid from a Vit. A capsule on the end of the tampon and stuck it up next to my cervix. This protocol is for 90 days. I just had my follow up pap and it was normal!!! :bouncing: She's going to follow up in three months to stay on top of things. My doc told me she had put someone with severe dysplasia on this protocol and it got her back to normal as well and she's had a 90 percent success rate with this. I don't think there have been a ton of studies but I've found a few confirming at least some of these vitamins and minerals do help. I wanted to share with you all that you should talk to your doctor about trying this! I can't guarantee that my cervix wouldn't have overcome the dysplasia on it's own but it made me feel better that I was "doing" something to help increase my immune systems chance at fighting it. Just had to share!
Hey there - I am in the waiting period between an abnormal PAP and my 2nd colposcopy. I had an abnormal PAP 5 years ago, then not again til one year ago (CIN-I). I had my 1st colposcopy and 6 months later, my PAP was normal. Six months after that, its abnormal again (SIL/ASCUS). I have my 2nd colposcopy in 2 weeks but I'm trying to get myself in a healthier place and hopefully that will help too. I've been exercising more, I don't smoke, rarely drink, I'm taking a multi-vitamin (Centrum?). I'd also like to switch to cotton tampons. Where do you get these? I've seen them on-line (Natracare) but would be easier if they were available at a regular drugstore. I'm not so sure I want to use tampons with vitamins the tip when I don't have my period - I'm going to ask my doctor about this.
As for the vitamins and supplements, do any of these mess up birth control pills? I don't want to take bad combinations of anything and cause other problems. I also have completely unrelated digestive problems that I don't want to flare up. I've been on birth control for 12 years non-stop, which probably isn't helping but the one time I tried to get off of them was the worst month of my life - horrible period, crazy moods, just felt sick during my period, so much pain...these were the reasons I started taking them and now I don't think I can stop taking them! I'd love to get more healthy and fight whats going on in my body instead of sitting and waiting for test results every few months.
Just thought I'd update this thread. After my original post I had another follow up pap three months later. It came back ASCUS. I'm back on the vitamin and mineral regimen per my doctor (high dose folic acid, cerviplex, and vitamin A) and will have another follow up pap in January. I'll post the results then. My doctor said she's hoping that through two courses of boosting my immune system that my body will be able to fight off the cellular changes but there's no guarantee. I'll let everyone know how it goes!

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