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I had a LEEP procedure in 12/2004 for CIN II. My first PAP in March 2005 showed ASCUS, and the area where the LEEP was done was red still. I just had my second PAP last week, and this time my doctor called it cervical ectropion, and said that the columnar cells of the inner cervix have grown out onto the outer cervix where the LEEP was done. I should get my PAP results sometime this week. Has anyone experienced this? From my little bit of searching online, it seems that cervical ectropion is somewhat a normal variation for teens and pregnant women (both of which I am not). It concerns me that my cervix hasn't healed appropriately after the LEEP. Any advice would be appreciated! Hope my fellow LEEPers from 12/2004 are doing well. I haven't been on here in awhile.

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